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Our 2019 DUNE Paliorema is produced from a very low cropping shiraz vineyard, which we blend with a small amount of sangiovese. 

The fruit is hand-picked, de-stemmed and undergoes fermentation in small open fermenters, no additions of any kind.

The result is a lively and fresh wine that shows depth and concentration. 

Producing a wine with no SO2 additions is not without its challenges so we aim to produce the very best quality fruit we can - the idea being that if the fruit naturally has a good balance of ripeness, acidity, sugar then the eventual wine has a better chance of holding up over time.

We don't have issues with sulphur use in making wine - its a very useful product! - this wine is simply an investigation of the fact that at times we find ourselves less enthusiastic about a wine once it has been sulphured.